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Halloween T-Shirts

We are in the process of making our Halloween t-shirts. We do this each and every year for this holiday. We’re one of those families that loves to dress in coordinated outfits. I know, it’s kind of cheesy, but we absolutely love it! We also love making use of our heat press machine that we received a few years ago.

When we make t-shirts, we always make sure to go to our local craft store to purchase some high quality fabric that we’re going to heat transfer some vinyl onto. The vinyl that can be heat transferred is really inexpensive. so the cost is more on the fabric side of things.

Of course, in this venture the main investment was in our heat press machine. I’ll be making another post on this particular machine because I love it so much, but we bought the Powerpress Heat Press Machine. I love it!

Anyways, when we make our t-shirts, we generally do it on a Sunday when watching football. The whole process will take us around 5 hours to do; mainly because we always get so distracted because we’re having so much fun.

Last year it actually took us 8 hours! Hopefully we are well under that this year.

We’re going to be heat transferring black vinyl onto orange fabric shirts. The black vinyl is going to be cut into the shape of pumpkins. Each family member is going to be carving their own pumpkin into the vinyl. We expect that this will be the most laborious part of the endeavor. That is because the process of using a heat transfer machine is very simple that absolutely anyone can do it.

I’m really looking forward to doing this great craft with everyone. It’s something that I really look forward to each and every year!

What do you all like to do with your family for Halloween?

Great Halloween Craft Ideas!

With my favorite holiday (Halloween) coming up, I am so excited that I am able to create beautiful arts and crafts with my lovely family. This time of the year is always so much fun. There are so many scary movies that are on. I love the munsters. I also love spending time with my family doing arts and crafts.

One of my favorite things to do for Halloween is to make everyone’s costume. I am such a creative person and would much rather spend my time doing the work than buying it from a store.

The items that I generally use are a sewing machine and a heat press machine.

Those are really the only items that you need.

First I”ll begin by drawing out on paper what I want to do for Halloween. Once I have an idea in my mind, I will sketch it out a few more times to make sure that it’s perfect.

After that, I’ll go to the local craft store and buy some nice fabric. I have to make sure that the fabric is able to be heat transferred onto. Some fabric is just too thing to use my heat press on, which can lead to burning. I’m also going to be buying some vinyl in order to do the heat press transfer.

First I’ll begin my cutting the fabric into the various pieces that are going to make up the costume. Once I have that done, the fun begins.

I’ll heat up my heat press and set it to 500 degrees. Once that’s all heated up, I cut my vinyl out to be the shapes that I want it to be, place the vinyl onto the fabric, and then put the fabric and vinyl onto the heat press machine.

Once it’s on there, I simply press down, hold for 50 seconds, and voila! I have a beautiful halloween costume!

It’s amazing how easy this is. But I find that it all begins with having a quality heat press machine.