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Halloween Eve

Well, Halloween is tomorrow and we are putting the final preparations on everything! We have all of our t-shirts and costumes made. The kids had an absolute blast using the heat press machine to make their t-shirts. It’s such a great family activity that we love to do together. I hope that some of you try it out with your families. You may be pleasantly surprised at how receptive the family is at doing this activity.

We are expecting to have around 200 trick or treaters come to the house. And out of that, I hope to scare 95% of them with the decorations that I made. Of course, this number is overly optimistic. Regardless, I think we’ll get a few kids scared. This may sound a bit evil, but I absolutely love scaring kids on Halloween!

I even managed to find the time to make my dog a costume. He’s a dachshund so naturally the costume I made him is a hot dog costume. He looks so cute in it. I bet that everyone in the neighborhood will love seeing him all dressed up. I really do hope that we get some comments on the costumes that I made. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t have fun whipping out my heat press machine and making them, but it’s always nice to have your work appreciated.

I think that if I get a lot of compliments I’ll open up my own Halloween costume business. I think it’ll be a good venture for me to get into since I love it so much and don’t necessarily have much to do around the house during the day. I hope my husband is going to be supportive of this, but I am not entirely sure that he’ll be on board with it. After all, he was against me buying the heat press machine when I first bought it. But then again, he grew to love that, so maybe he will grow to loving me having my own business.